Beginner Dances

Baby Go // Caro Stoll (AB)

Katchi // Rob Fowler (AB)

Rocket To The Sun // Maddison Glover (B)

Rain Dance // Tina Argyle (AB)

Slow Dancing // Jenny Walker (AB)

Double R Dee // Darren Mitchell (B)

Holding Hands Together // J&A (B)

Every Little Thing // Mark Simpkin (B)

Tell Her About It // Tim Gauci (I)

Ticket To The Blues // Niels Poulsen (B)

Adalaida // Gary O'Reily (I)

Haunted Heart // Tony Kwiatzowski & Donna Ziemer (AB)

Down At The Honky Tonk // Darren Mitchell (B) 

First Step // Ilona Hamstra (AB)

Mamma Maria // Frank Trace (AB)

I Got A Woman //Micheal DN (BEG)

Whiskey Bridges // Maddison Glover(AB)

Chattahoochee // Lana Harvey (BEG)

Ain't Love A Lot Like That// Gordon Elliott(AB)

Until I Feel Your Touch// Jo Hough &

Susanne Dingwall(BEG)

Crystal waters // Claire Bell & Maddison Glover(BEG)

Ocean To Ocean // G,S,G,D,R (EI)

Hardy // Darren Bailey (Int)

Double R Dee // Darren Mitchell (B)

Every Little Thing  //  Mark Simpkin (B)

Holding Hands Together // J&A (B)

Honest Man // Anne Herd (EI)

Tell Her About It // Tim Gauci (I)

Ticket To The Blues // Niels Poulsen (B)

The Greatest Love Of All // Go,Jmb,Np (Adv)

Turning Tables // Maddison & Tom Glover (Int)

Amame // Robbie McGowan Hickie


Wintergreen // Maggie Gallagher (Int)

Faithful Soul// Gary O'Reilly&

Maggie Gallagher (Inter)

Red Is The Rose // Gary O'reilly (Inter)

Stomp Down//Jose M Belloque (EASY)

Best day// Stephen Paterson(INTER)


   A Little More Time For Drinking

   A Little Tequila Time

   Always Remember Us (Lu Olsen)

   American Made (Darren M&ROB F)

   A Million Dreams (Lu Olsen)

   Black Dress Red Shoes (Linda Pink)

   Bonaparte's Retreat (Maddison Glover)

   Caught Up In The Country

   Can I Have This Dance (Tim Gauci)

  Codigo (Darren Mitchell) 

  Changing (Stephen Paterson)

  Dance With A Stranger (Adrian L)

  Dance Monkey (Stephen Paterson)

  Down On Your Uppers (Gary O'Reilly)

  Drop Top (Joy McIntosh QLD)

  Everything I Have (Gary O'reilly & Maggie G)

  Forgive Me Friend (Helena Jeppsson)

  Get To You (Lyn Booth)

  Get Wild

  God & Country Music

  Going Through My Mind (Antoinette J)

  Graffiti (Karl Harry Winson)

  Grow Old With You (Joshua Talbot)

  Hey DJ (Adrian L & Jessica L)

  I Will Follow Him


  Just a Phase (Fred W & Maddison G)

  Just For Grins (1997)


  Keep It Simple (Maggie G)


  Let Me Be There

  My Angel And Me (Karl Harry Winson)

  Nothing But You (Darren Bailey)

  Nothing Breaks A Heart (Kevin Formosa)

  Never Growing Up (SW & MG & VS)

  Oh Me Oh My Oh (Rob Fowler)

  One Less Day (Tom Glover)


  Prove My Love (Darren Mitchell & Jennifer Hughes)

  Rolling With Love

  Romeo Tonight

  Senorita (Joshua Talbot & Sally McKenzie)

  Shot Of Tequila (Fred Whitehouse)

  Sleep Without You (Caro Stoll)

  Soul Shake

  Special Delivery (Karl Harry Winson)

  Stuck On Me & You

  Swamp Thing


  Swept Away (Robert F & Karen J)

  Tequila Little Time

  The Dance We Share (Stephen Paterson)

  The Little Things

  3 To Tango

  Uptown Girl

  Veneno (Ria Vos)

  Waves Of Love (Gary O'Reilly)

  Who You Are (Darren Mitchell)

  Whole Damn Thing (David H & Travis T)

  World For Two











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