Line Dancing Family

At Bootscoot'n Basics, we are a family. We organise trips away, both interstate and international! We have social events year round, as well as the social events from other instructors at other clubs and we encourage everybody to come along.

2014 20th birthday social
VLDA Ball 2017
ball 2015 caro
ball 2015
2016 22th birthday golden oldies
The Famous 4 tarts ballerinas
2006 comp Bairnsdale
Bairnsdale 2011
2006 comp Bairnsdale
Tasmania 2018
Tasmania 2018
Tasmania 2018
Tasmania 2018
Port Arthur 2018
Darwin 2017
Darwin social
Darwin Instructors
Tasmania Social
2011 Tasmania
Tasmania St Patricks Day social
Tas. St Patricks day
Hollybank Treetops Adventure
Hollybank Treetops group
tas 2011
Tas, Halloween social
New Zealand
Mellonsfolly Ranch
New Zealand social
2007 cruise
Linda Burgess & Caro 2018
workshop with Linda Burgess
Bootscoot'n Basics
good friday appeal 2018
2018 Stephen Paterson 16th birthday social
lu olsen 18th birthday social
2018 Portarlington
weekend of workshops & socials
caro 2018 sunsation
caro, tracie lee, 2018 sunsation
2018 QLD sunsation beach theme
dinner at sunsation
santa caro 2017
xmas cake 2017.
4th july 2017
halloween 2017
halloween,  2017
purple blue day 2017
2016 Portarlington
Portarlington Social
Easter 2016
2016 ball Aussie theme
2016 4th July
Our Halloween family
Halloween 2016
ball 2015
ball 2015
4th july 2015
4th July Caro & Jodie
2015 halloween
welcome to the carnival
Halloween Cake
Portarlington 2014
Portarlington 2014
Allan Burr & Caro
St Patricks Day

Private  Functions

Dot 95 retired from dancing aged 87
Estia Health Aged Care, Wattle Glen
Estia Health Wattle Glen
Ruckers Hill Aged Care 2017
2016 Eltham Farmers Market